Clubhouse Information

The Clubhouse is available for private parties and may be reserved by members whose Dues are current. CLUBHOUSE RENTAL DOES NOT INCLUDE POOL USAGE. For pool usage during your clubhouse rental please also choose the option for pool - under amenities.

Thank you for renting the club house. Below is a link to access the calendar and clubhouse rental availability. If, as a property-owner, you have are looking to rent the clubhouse for a friend or family member, the resident must be in attendance during the event and is responsible for all activity, actions and damages.

Please ensure that you, your attendants and all vendors comply with the following rules during your rental; otherwise, there could be forfeiture of your security deposit to cover not following the rules; damages to the community property; AND additional cleaning as a result of your event.

  1. No Vehicles are allowed on the grass for any reason.
  2. The clubhouse (not to include restrooms) and surrounding areas are under constant video surveillance by the Windmill Board members. 
  3. NO smoking is allowed in the clubhouse. All smoking must be done on the back patio during rental. If guests smoke, all smoking debris must be disposed of. Do not throw cigarette debris into the bushes or lawn.
  4. All tables and chairs must be cleaned prior to returning items to the storage closet. Follow the posted guidance on how to store the tables and chairs on the reverse of the storage closet door.
  5. Furniture must be picked up when being moved across the wooden floor. Resident will be charged for any scratches that occur.
  6. Fireplace is for decorative purposes only.
  7. Do not remove patio furniture from patio area. All trash must be removed from patio area.
  8. Wooden floor can be swept only. Do not use any cleaners on the floor.
  9. Thermostat must remain between 68 – 74 degrees.
  10. Pool access is not included with clubhouse reservations. If resident renter would like to have their guests access the pool they must reserve the pool pavilion area. Those rules and requirements are listed under Amenities – Pool. There are fees associated with that rental.
  11. All party decorations must be free standing. Do not tape, tack or glue ANY DECORATIONS TO THE WALLS.
  12. Nothing can be hung from the ceiling fans, the chains nor the windows.
  13. Glitter may not be used in the clubhouse.  If glitter is used – an additional $100.00 cleaning fee will be charged.
  14. Bathrooms: Pick up all trash from floors; Empty trash cans.
  15. Kitchen

a.       Clean Stove top and oven after usage. All food particles and spills must be cleaned up. If not clean an additional fee of $25.00 will be charged.

b.       Remove all trash from kitchen counters and floors. All trash bags need to be taken out and placed in large trash bins on the side of the building.

c.       Remove all food from refrigerator and freezer (to include ice).